My latest Instagram find: Young Earth Ceramics

ceramic coasters

Browsing through the oh so inspirational Instagram, I stumbled across Young Earth Ceramics, owned by Jullian Young. From her home in Virgina, USA, Jullian works the potter’s wheel to create some truly unique ceramics. I looked through her Etsy store and picked out my favourites…

 Turquoise Textured Coasters $38

These round ceramic coasters are made from a red clay that peeks through the semi transparent turquoise glaze. The coasters are decorated with a pressed pattern to add a pop of texture and colour.

textured ceramic coasters

Succulent Planter $26

The simple round shape and the front-facing opening of this piece makes it perfect for succulents. It could also easily be used as an adorable salt pig.

succulent planter

succulent pot

Wall hanging bud vase $28

This is a vase! So unique. This half circle wall hanging is made from a hollow ceramic tube, allowing for it to hold water and a small flower bud on each side, or to remain empty. It’s made from a red stoneware and decorated with a vibrant turquoise glaze. it has loops on either end so you can nail it to the wall or hang it with the string.

ceramic bud vase

Check out her Etsy store

Visit the Young Earth Ceramics store on Etsy.

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