This delightful combination of yellow and grey

yellow and grey kitchen accessories

Yellow and grey – such a bright and beautiful combination for kitchen accessories. This delightful collection is by textile gurus Ulster Weavers, in collaboration with designers Mini Moderns

Darjeeling Gauntlet €13.80 / £12

I need this right now. Available here

darjeeling gauntlet2


Darjeeling mustard bone china mug €12.90 / £10

And I need this mug to match my oven gauntlet. Available here

darjeeling mustard bone china mug gift boxed2

Jacquet double oven glove €16.77 / £13

That yellow seam. Available here

jacquet double oven glove2

Backgammon cotton apron €20.64 / £16

Love love love. Available here

paviliion cotton apron full2

pavilion cotton apron2

Paisley crescent cotton tea towel €9.78 £8.50

Paisley + Yellow + Cotton = my ideal tea towel. Available here

yellow Tea Towel2

YellowShelves (edited) 2

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