Planting wildflowers in an Irish garden

the flowers growing

March is nearly upon us, which means time to get out into the garden and plant.

The summer before last I was living in a rented house that had an unloved garden so I decided to plant some wildflower seeds.

white flower

pink flower

Prepping and planting

I picked up the seeds in Lidl or Aldi, I can’t remember which, along with a bag of compost.

wildflower seeds

I prepped a patch of ground out front and out back by removing the grass down to soil level. Then I spread some compost, poked little holes in it, popped a seed into each hole, covered the hole over with compost, and watered it. Then I let nature make its magic.

First all the little shoots came up…

growing wildflowers in an irish garden

They grew really tall before they started to flower…

growing wildflowers in ireland

Then the colour started to appear…

wildflowers in my back garden

And it was magnificent…

the flowers growing

pinky red flower

purple flower

pink flower

white flower

orange flower i grew

yellow flower i grew

yellow flower

I made mini bouquets with the kids next door

flowers i grew in my garden

And I displayed them in a DIY vase

I displayed the flowers in jam jars that I had decorated.

my flowers in a diy vase

cool blue flower

flowers in vase wrapped in burlap

unusual flower

love flowers

flowers in vase

Your turn

If you want to take a stab at it, says you should sow the seeds between March and May, or mid August and mid September.

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