Love owls? Twit Twoo

twitt twoo ulster weavers

Think lots of colour, cheerful prints and high-quality cottons, and you’ve got Ulster Weavers. They have just released their midseason collection and it’s beautiful.

These items are from the collection’s ‘Twit Twoo’ range.

Owl lovers will yearn…

Double oven glove €16.77 / £13


twit twoo double glove2

Oven gauntlet €15.48 / £12

twit twoo gauntlet2

Bone china mug €12.90 / £10

twit twoo mug2

Pot mitt €9.68 / £7.50

twit twoo pot mitt2

PVC bag €20.64 / £16

twit twoo PVC bag2

Tea cosy €15.48 / £12

twit twoo tea cosy2

Cotton tea towel €8.39 / £6.50

Twit twoo tea towel2

Scatter tray €19.35 / £15

twit twoo tray2

Draught excluder €25.80 / £20

Twit twoo2

Twit Twoo Lifestyle2


Images copyright of Ulster Weavers.

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