Our mobile home’s name is…

The Millennial Falcon!

We’ve officially named our mobile home! Being a massive Star Wars fan, when I moved in first, I jokingly said to Peter (I was only kind of joking though, let’s be honest) that we should name it ‘The Millennium Falcon’.

What is the Millennium Falcon?

To anyone who has never seen Star Wars, The Millennium Falcon is the name of an old spaceship whose shabby, beat up exterior would suggest that it couldn’t amount to much, but when you take a look under the hood you realise that it has been highly modified. All of these modifications make it capable of superior feats of speed, shielding and firepower. This badass spaceship ends up playing a major role in some of the greatest battles against evil in the Universe.

The ‘Millennial’ Falcon

Peter told me that we couldn’t insult the Millennium Falcon by calling a mobile home after it, but that we should instead call it ‘The Millennial Falcon’. As we’re all too aware, the property crisis is forcing millennials (the generation who were born between the early eighties and mid naughties, whose formative years took place in an expanding digital world) to seek out alternative types of accommodation, hence why we decided to radically change our dwelling! So, ‘The Millennial Falcon’ is the perfect name.

Dark Side Light Side

From day one, I’ve wanted a simple, understated nod to the Star Wars universe in my home, in the form of a home accessory or subtle interior design element. Peter found just the thing online in this adhesive ‘Dark Side Light Side’ light switch transfer.

light side transfer for light switch

Star Wars light switch decoration

So my home has been christened and my inner nerd is satisfied. I give you, The Millennial Falcon.

Naming my home

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