Which of these 5 styles is your favourite?

A range of blue and mustard home accessories

Homesense sent me their summer 2020 lookbook the other day and it has five beautiful styles. Which one is your favourite?

I’m leaning towards number 3, but a part of me is all about number 5. Let me know your fav in the comments below.

1. Matisse Motivation

This style is all about free-spirited flair, playful blocks of colour, and juxtaposing earthy fabrics. To get this look, the key pieces you need are strong wall art, printed cushions, and statement rugs.

1. Cream throw with face, €22.99 2. Zig zag stool, €69.99 3. Tall blue ribbed vase, €9.99 4. Abstract cushion, €16.99 5. Small yellow leopard ornament, €19.99 6. Mustard cushion with white diamonds, €19.99 7. Clear blue glass vase, €3.99 8. Black and white stool with gold base, €179.99 9. Abstract print bowl with pedestal, €12.99 10. Mustard double duvet set, €79.99 11. Round blue glass vase, €5.99

2. Powder Room Luxe

This one’s for you if you love Hollywood glamour vibes. The essentials for achieving this look are glass, brass, and plenty of curves.

1. Pink velvet mushroom pouffe, €99.99 2. Peacock gold stand, €54.99 3. Pink hexagon jewellery box €9.99 4. Neroli & Ginger bath gel, €8.99 5. Yellow natural sponge, €12.99 6. Cream framed round mirror, €46.99 7. Pink fluffy flowers €5.99 8. Gold square side table, €89.99

3. Retro Reimagined

This retro style is a blend of influences from past decades; there are shapes from the thirties and pops of colour from the seventies. To get this look, have confidence in colour and choose bold accent pieces.

1. Abstract blue circles print, €26.99 2. Large brown and green urn, €46.99 3. Zig zag cushion, €22.99 4. Navy triangle stitch cushion, €19.99 5. String of pearls plant, €16.99 6. Grey sofa, €799.99 7. Navy blue ottoman, €79.99 8. Pyramid ornament, €9.99 9. Stone and rattan basket, €16.99 10. Grecian inspired statue, €22.99

4. Summertime Sweetness

This style is all about staycation and picnic vibes. To achieve this look, choose lots of rattan and layer your outdoor space with rugs and cushions.

1. Patterned patchwork camel, €16.99 2. Large faux plant, €69.99 3. Rattan basket with navy stripes, €18.99 4. Pink rattan basket, €26.99 5. Burgundy rope chair, €249.99 6. Storage jar €8.99 7. Candle, €9.99 8. Tall vase with handles, €39.99

5. Designer Dining

This one will be your fav if you love entertaining and making dining look delicious, and if you have a thing for a little extravagance. To achieve this look, choose clashing metals and talking point accessories that let the wilder side of your personality shine through.

1. Large leopard ornament, €229.99 2. Copper ball pendant light, €54.99 3. Gold candle holder, €19.99 4. Gold and chrome cocktail set, €34.99 5. Gold sculptural fruit bowl, €54.99 6. Velvet blush pink curtains, €54.99 7. Pink champagne glass with gold rim, €5.99 8. Ampersand light, €12.99

Which style is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments.

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