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Here’s some sugar storage inspiration for you

I recently spent time looking for the best sugar storage containers, bowls, and jars for my kitchen. Because I spent time rounding up so many options, I figure I’d share my favourites with you. These are all available on Amazon and prices are correct at time of publication. Enjoy!

Ceramic rainbow sugar pot £9.89

This cheerful ceramic rainbow sugar pot is Fair Trade and handmade in Thailand. You can also get a matching rainbow milk jug and teapot!

Stainless steel sugar bowl with glass lid £10.99

This polished stainless steel and glass sugar bowl is durable, dishwasher safe, and comes in two sizes: 240ml and 440ml.

Fine bone china sugar bowl by artist Hannah Dale £11.81

This fine bone china sugar bowl is designed by artist Hannah Dale of Wrendale Designs. Hannah draws her inspiration from the animals she sees in the Lincolnshire countryside and captures their personalities in her art. This ‘duck’ sugar bowl also comes in Hedgehog, Fox, and Hare.

IBILI glass sugar dispenser £3.99

This 250ml glass and chrome-plated sugar dispenser is made by IBILI, who have been making kitchenware since 1942! Dispensers are lovely for pouring sugar and they have a real retro diner feel.

Pink ceramic sugar bowl with gold lid £11.99

This pink sugar bowl comes with a gold spoon. You can also get the bowl in white or green.

White porcelain traditional sugar pot £6.95

This white porcelain traditional sugar pot is a classic and comes with a cute little spoon. It’s dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe, and you can also use it for jam or mustard.

Disney Mickey and Mini Mouse sugar bowl £17.87

This ‘Sweet Love’ Mini and Mickey Mouse sugar bowl is perfect for Disney fans.

Sugar Storage Buying Guide

Here are a few things to consider before you choose:

Colour – Choose a colour that makes you happy. Some of the most popular colours are white, cream, blue, duck egg, rose gold, copper, mustard, and black.

This blue and white striped stoneware sugar bowl is £18.99. You can get matching blue and white striped cups, mugs, plates, jugs and coffee jars.

Shape Sugar containers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can get bowls, dispensers (pourers), tins, and jars. They can be geometric, round, square, tall, small, stackable…honestly there is so much choice. Choose a shape that you love to look at and hold.

Material – Some people prefer glass because you can see easily see when the level is getting low. Maybe you prefer the durability of stainless steel or plastic, or maybe you love the look and feel of porcelain or china.

This wooden sugar bowl is £7.69 and is perfect for giving your table earthy, Nordic vibes.

Brand – If you’d prefer to shop for sugar storage by brand, some of the most popular brands are: SMEG, Tupperware, Morphy Richards, Branbantia, Sistema, Sabichi.

This 0.6 litre Brabantia glass jar is £9.25. It’s stackable, has a silicone seal, and is actually one of the best selling storage jars on Amazon.

Sugar Storage Sets – If you want your sugar storage to match your tea, coffee, bread, or flour canisters, you can buy a matching  kitchen sugar storage set.

This grey 5 piece kitchen storage set is £28.38 and comes with matching containers for sugar, coffee, tea, biscuits and bread. A silicon seal on the bamboo lids makes them airtight.

Easy Access – Ask yourself if you want an everyday sugar bowl and back up supply in your pantry. Will you put some sugar near the kettle for your tea, and more sugar in a cupboard for baking? Know where the sugar is going to go and choose the containers for those specific spaces.

Storage Capacity – Most people buy sugar in 1kg bags. Are you going to dispense it from the packet when you get home from the supermarket or do you want to keep it in the packet? If you want to get rid of packets, you need a container that holds at at least 1kg of sugar.

This airtight storage container set is £20.99. It’s BPA free comes with chalk labels and a white pen.

Serving Do you want to have special sugar bowl for guests? Crystal is always a winner.

This diamond-cut crystal-effect sugar jar is £13.49 and full of opulence.

Durability Do you want to be able to drop it? Do you want to be able to put it in the dishwasher?

Seasonal – Do you want themed sugar storage for special occasions and holidays? You can get sugar containers for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions.

Themed – You can get some really cute themed sugar bowls that feature cats, dogs, Star Wars, Disney and more.

This Star Wars BB-8 sugar bowl £17.05

Airtightness – Sugar will last longer if stored in a airtight container but if you get through it regularly and you store it in a cool, dry place then you don’t need the container to be airtight. Choosing airtight containers is best for your pantry backstock but not essential for your everyday sugar bowl.

The best sugar storage for my kitchen

After trying lots of different sizes and styles of sugar bowls, pots, tins, dispensers, and canisters, I’ve learned it’s best for my space when I have two types of sugar storage containers in my kitchen.

I keep some granulated sugar in a little glass jar in the cupboard over the kettle for everyday use and I refill it from a larger airtight sugar container that I keep in backstock. I use this larger sugar canister for baking and I also store caster, icing and muscovado sugar in large mason jars next to it.

I bought a bunch of Kilner jars. This 1 litre one is £4.99. You can get them in lots of sizes and they come in both round and square shapes. I prefer the round ones. It’s worth noting that they are not stackable, but they are airtight.

Which one is your favourite?

Let me know which of the above sugar storage options is your favourite in the comments below.

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