An interior designer’s suggestions for my bathroom

mood board for green bathroom

When my mobile home renovations kicked off, this interior design company called Stark Interiors got in touch with me asking if they could get involved. I gave them an idea of what direction I was thinking about going in and they sent back some amazing, inspirational mood boards. You need to see them!

My challenging bathroom

When Stark told me that they’d love to contribute to my project in exchange for an honest review on my blog, I decided to really test their abilities by tasking them to design what I think is the most difficult interiors challenge in our house – the bathroom (FYI this room doesn’t actually have a bath in it, but everyone in Ireland calls the toilet room the bathroom – confusing I know).

Why is it the most difficult? Because when we were choosing paint for our new home, we decided to go with this bold, vibrant green for the bathroom. When we build our log house, all of our walls will be exposed, unpainted logs, so for our last affair with paint, we decided to be daring with this room.

I love this colour, it’s so fresh and makes me happy every time I get out of the shower, but it’s a challenge to figure out how to complete this room. The wall colour is loud enough by itself, so it’s important that the accessories don’t overwhelm the space. It’s also tiny and we’re restricted by the colour of our wash basin and toilet – they are cream and we can’t afford to replace them with white ones (which is a pity because white goes with everything).

Stark’s mood boards for my bathroom

Here’s what Stark suggested for my bathroom…

Which one is your favourite?

There are so many combinations there that I would never have thought of! So many busy stripes and geometric patterns that you think wouldn’t work but, when you see them all together, they look amazing. I’d love to know which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below.

Mood boards for my living room

Stark also drew up a floor plan and two mood boards for my living room.

They really listened to my brief here because, in an email I sent them at the beginning, I included the line, “We like rustic, wood, natural textures, nature, browns, tans.“, and you can see that they’ve included lots of natural and rustic elements in these mood boards.


The style of our living room is evolving around our brown Ikea sofa so lots of the ideas that Stark has suggested will really work.

How you can use Stark

So here’s how it works. First, you go to Stark’s website and click ‘Get Started’.

Using an online quiz, you answer a bunch of questions and that allows them to gauge your style preferences.

Then, they draw up one or two mood boards for you and send them over. The service costs £49.99 and you get online access to a professional interior designer.

They also send you written advice. Like, for example, here’s a snippet from the advice that the designer gave me about my living room:

“You have very bright and lovely space. Lets keep it that way.
In order to visually enlarge your living room, use low-to-the ground design furniture.
Your couch should be neutral. Instead use smaller items to create accents and character.
A reading wall lamp is a very practical and interesting feature.
Plant pots can be fun element that connects all the spaces. Living plans in lively plant pots.”

The only criticism I’d have of Stark is that the quiz that they use to gauge your preferences wasn’t enough for me to explain what I wanted. I’m an absolute stickler for details so I felt like I needed to send on a email with supplementary information about the project. But Stark were happy to receive this email and use my brief to inspire their recommendations.

Thank you for the inspiration, Stark! I’ll post a bathroom update when the room is finished.

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