Once waste plastic, now statement furniture

turning waste plastic into a stool

Meet the designers who are turning waste plastic into one-of-a-kind stools. 

stools made from plastic waste

I met Clemens and Moritz at Ambiente Fair, where they first presented this one-of-a-kind product. Here’s a video of our chat…

Recycling the colourful waste from the plastics industry

Injection moulding is the shaping of rubber or plastic parts by injecting heated material into a mould. When the machine changes colour or material, a huge drop of molten material pours out of it and hardens into a plate of raw plastic. Each plate is entirely unique in shape and colour and was considered waste until now.

plastic waste from injection moulding machine

Desginers Grischa, Moritz, Clemens and Max found a way to recycle it, turning the plates into one-of-a-kind stools. They heat steel tubes and press them into the plates.

black stool

The plates become stools and scrap material comes to life, thus SCRAP LIFE PROJECT has come to be. Every stool is completely unique.

turning waste plastic into a stool

putting stool legs into the plastic

SCRAP LIFE is about challenging the ordinary

The process of injection moulding is highly technical and accurate, with the ultimate goal to produce identical items. SCRAP LIFE PROJECT brings a spark of anarchy to the controlled and optimised high-tech surrounding of mass production because the massive drops of plastic are transformed using a process that couldn’t be further from their origin.

orange stool

It all started with a wrong way

The team at SCRAP LIFE PROJECT describe how it all began because they got separated from their group at a factory tour.

“Back in 2013, we SCRAP LIFE PROJECT went on a field trip to Northern Italy where we visited a large factory for injection moulding. The factory specialised in moulding plastic chairs for large design brands.”

navy plastic plate

“Overwhelmed by the steady, perfectly-coordinated output of the monstrous machinery, we somehow got separated from our guided tour and found ourselves in the company’s backyard. Here, the world of perfection abruptly ended. There were trash containers full of loads and loads of oddly-shaped, colourful plates, every one of them totally different from the next.”

red plastic plate

“Fascinated and totally clueless about what we wanted to do with them, we grabbed some of the most beautiful gems and brought them back to Germany to put into the corner for projects to come.”

“Four years later, we took some heated steel tubes and pressed them into the plates. Intrigued by the results, we took another trip to the factory in Italy. This time, with the kind permission of the factory owner, and no longer limited by the Ryanair baggage policy, we returned home with a bus full of plates, ready to start producing and present SCRAP LIFE PROJECT at Ambiente Fair 2018.”


white stool


Visit SCRAP LIFE PROJECT to see more of the unique stools from this collection.

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