Primark is back, and so am I

Velvet and textured cushions from Penneys

The last few years have been a blur of racing to advance my career and striving to be a homeowner.

After long hours on a screen, the last thing I wanted to do every day was keep the laptop on to post on a blog. So Homeware Huntress has gradually drifted into dormancy as the world races around me.

Cushions from Primark piled on a pouffe

BUT, being Irish, I’m hardwired to have a weak spot for Primark, or, as we know it in Ireland, Penneys.

So when Primark’s Fashion Comms Officer sends me an email after a long lockdown with the subject line: “PRIMARK FASHION ALERT: WE’RE BACK”, it’s not possible for me to resist it. 

Boho homewares from Penneys

The pandemic has been an experience that has shook me to the core. I’ve never been in a situation where I worried about the safety and lives of everyone I know. I’ve laid awake worrying about family, friends, and colleagues, but especially about vulnerable loved ones whose pre-existing conditions put them at greater risk.

With economic uncertainty looming, threatened job and income security have also weighed heavily on my mind. And the biggest trauma has been losing my amazing, happy, talented uncle, not being able to attend his funeral, not being able to hug my mother and her siblings who just lost their brother, or comfort my cousins who just lost their father, or hold my aunt who just lost her husband.

And then there was the aftermath of the loss, the loneliness of trying to grieve without the comfort that comes with congregation, as my whole family and I remained separate during the strictest period of lockdown, isolated in our grief.

Bed with white linen and blue throw

The lockdown has been hard. And we’re at risk of a second wave.

The admiration of material things amidst all of this may seem trivial but there’s a reason I’ve woken Homeware Huntress from its hibernation to feature a retailer’s latest collection of material goods. It’s not just about cushions and candles for me. I’ve always said that browsing homewares is my therapy, my escapism, my way to induce calm in times of distress.

Lanterns from Penneys

When I look at photos of a new collection, I can feel the textures, smell the scents, trace the patterns. Design and art evoke feelings, and homeware design evokes feelings of happiness for me.

Hammock with cushions

So here I am, popping back online, to share with you the source of my escapism, my unapologetic love for homewares, and my thumbs up for a beautiful SS20 collection.

Bed linen with palm trees from Primark

Primark is back, and so is Homeware Huntress. 

See more from Primark’s Spring Summer 2020 collection.

If you’re going shopping in store, please wear a mask and follow social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines.

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