Works are underway for our walk-in wardrobe


We’re in the process of turning the spare bedroom of our mobile home into a walk-in wardrobe. For the design, I was inspired by this showroom in IKEA.


Mirror wall

To achieve the look, we covered one wall with floor-to-ceiling mirror tiles. These 30cm x 30cm mirror tiles come in packs of 4 and can be picked up in IKEA for €7 a pack.


They come with adhesive pads, which we subsequently discovered are not strong enough to keep them in place! It seems that even IKEA themselves don’t use those adhesive pads for sticking the mirrors up in their showroom. As they fell off the wall, one by one, we reapplied all the tiles using Tec 7 All Purpose Adhesive & Sealant.


If you want to install mirror tiles:

  • Use Tec 7 All Purpose Adhesive & Sealant to stick the tiles to your wall. Do not use the IKEA adhesive pads!
  • To make sure that you install them evenly, devise some kind of spacer, like the one fiancé made in the photo.


We painted the wall with the colour ‘Inky Pool 2’ by Dulux. This rich teal really gives the wardrobe a luxurious feel.





Because it’s a small room, we were able to pick up what’s known as a carpet ‘remnant’. This is an off-cut at the end of a roll of carpet that is too small for the carpet shop to sell at full price. They want to get rid of remnants so they stack them all up and sell them for very cheap.


We had to do a bit of haggling, but we got a beautiful cut of grey for €60 in Morgan Doyles.




The plan is to build custom shelving for our clothes and paint it a dark brown/black that we found on the Dulux colour chart.


The dark shelves, grey carpet, teal walls and mirror wall will all combine to recreate the look from the IKEA showroom.


Stay tuned for the end result!

What colour curtains should I choose for the window? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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