A game-changer for your compost bin!


Have you heard of Obeo Food Waste Boxes?

I’d never heard of them, even though apparently they were on Dragon’s Den and everything. Well, recently the manufacturers sent me an email saying…

We’d love to send you some samples to try-out and maybe you’d be interested in running a competition for your readers too? We can offer a prize of a 3 months supply (30 boxes).’

So I thought why not give them a try.

My honest verdict: They are a game-changer for food waste.


What is it?

It’s a water-resistant, compostable bag that you place on your kitchen counter and put all of your food waste in. After 2-3 days, when it’s full, you simply place the entire Obeo bag into your compost bin.


Why is it a game-changer?

If you’re already using a container for your food waste, you’ll be sick of emptying it out. If you’re using bio plasticĀ bags, you’ll be sick of them leaking into your compost bin and attracting flies. You don’t have to empty out an Obeo box and it doesn’t leak. When it’s full, you place the whole thing in your compost bin. It also doesn’t smell or attract flies.


Win a 3 month supply!

Win a 3-month supply of Obeo boxes! Enter onĀ my Facebook page. Trust me, they will be a God-send at Christmas! Competition closes Wed 14th December.

Using Obeo boxes in my parents’ house

The day I received the Obeo boxes, I was heading to my parents’ house for the weekend so I figured I’d bring them along to try them out there. My parents and two sisters have been using a compost bin for years so they were curious to try them out.


They sent me a pack of 5. I opened one up on the Friday and popped it onto the counter top. It didn’t get full until the Sunday, and that was after a family of six using it. I was surprised by how much food they can hold (2kg apparently).

They actually work

The entire time I used the Obeo boxes, there were no smells, no leaks and no fuss.


Enter the competition

Enter now to win a three month supply of Obeo boxes on my Facebook page.

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