This is my life at the moment

I sat down to enjoy a bite to eat, a cup of tea and to flick through a few magazines today. I looked at the items in front of me and I just thought, in a weird way, they symbolise a lot about my life at the moment.

The teacup


Two years ago, in a tea shop tucked down a side street in Beijing, this cup caught my eye. Travelling around the world was the best thing I ever did and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do it. It’s just crazy that two years ago I was writing a travel blog with words like: ‘This way of existence is completely removed from the habitual, from routine, from schedule, from itinerary and from anything that permanently attaches me to person or place‘ and this week I met my bank to discuss a mortgage application.

photo 2

My first ever meeting about a mortgage was actually quite straightforward – the unexpected news is that I can apply for a small mortgage now if I want to and the expected news is that I probably should save a little more first. So Peter and I have decided to move out of rental accommodation at the end of this month and move back to our respective parents’ houses for a a while. By doing this we can save €14,000 in rent in one year.

The interiors magazines

photo (1)

The homeware magazines are a strong symbol of how I’ve now entered the nesting stage of my life. In three days I turn 27 – I’ve done my travelling, I’ve completed my college years and now I have an exciting career. I’m an editor of a lifestyle magazine that is being rolled out in cities all over the world – this week we launched it in London, Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester.

The travel documents


The travel documents symbolise the fact that despite all my nesting, career building and mortgage applications, I’ll never get the desire to travel out of my system.

Life is good.

By Jenna Crotty

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