My heart throb moment on the escalator in Arnotts

You know that scene from Cruel Intentions when Reese Witherspoon is on the escalator and Ryan Phillipe is waiting at the top gazing down at her as she rises towards him (heart throb moment of my teens)?

Yeah well last week I had a moment like that on an escalator in Arnotts. Except, instead of Ryan Phillipe, it was duvet covers.

Here’s how it came to be…

It started with an email from the press team at Arnotts

I get an email from the press team at Arnotts to say that designer Helen Mc Alinden will be in town if I’d like to meet her. Eh, yes please. Helen is a renowned Irish fashion designer who has her own beautiful womanswear label AND she’s head designer for luxury brand Foxford. #jobgoals

Helen’s coming to town because Foxford are releasing their Spring Summer 2018 bed linen collection.

fern duvet cover from foxford

French Fern & Green Ticking Duvet Set from Foxford for SS18

Millennials, meet Foxford

If you’re a seasoned homeware aficionado, you already know who Foxford are. If you’re new to the interiors world, or if you’re a millennial, then you may not be familiar with the name and it’s time you were acquainted.

vintage woodblock and indigo bed linen

Vintage Woodblock & Vintage Blue Ticking Duvet Set from Foxford

There’s a little town in the West of Ireland called Foxford. 125 years ago, Foxford Woollen Mills was set up there and it’s been producing high quality textiles ever since.

They don’t have a huge digital presence compared to other brands and their luxury price tags keep them out of reach of many millennials. However, if, like me, you’re now ready for full adulting, and the feel of luxury cotton brings on tears of joy, then it’s time to acquaint yourself with Foxford’s duvet covers.

ethnic honeycomb duvet set by foxford

Ethnic Honeycomb Duvet Set from Foxford for SS18

My heart throb moment on an escalator in Arnotts

So I’m on Henry Street making a beeline for Arnotts and my phone rings. It’s my aunt Mary.

Mary: “Are you around town today for lunch?“.
Me: “I’m actually on my way to a blog thing in Arnotts.”

Note that Arnotts is Mary’s FAVOURITE shop in the world and we’ve spent many hours in there swooning over all the things.

Mary: “I’m on my way to Arnotts for lunch!
Me: “Okay meet me there.”

10 minutes later we’re on the escalator, you know the one that goes from the makeup/sunglassesy section up to where the cafe on the first floor is? Okay so this is my cruel intentions heart throb moment. So I’m Reese Witherspoon on the escalator, but now that I’m 30 and not 13, and because I’m obsessed with homeware, I get the heart throb moment when the most glorious bed display meets me at the top. It’s the Ethnic Honeycomb set.

I’m not alone here, Mary let’s out an audible gasp too.
Mary: “That is BEAUTIFUL.

When I feel it, it gives me the feels

We do that thing that everyone does and go over and start feeling it.

And as we’re feeling up the bed display, the girls from the press team greet us and introduce us to Joe Queenan, Managing Director at Foxford.

Joe tell us that the 100% cotton has a 300 thread count. The cotton is so soft and weighty, I kind of want to climb into the display, but I resist the urge.

Chats with Helen Mc Alinden

I’m introduced to Helen and Helen talks me through some of the new looks for SS18.

You can watch my walk around with Helen here:

I actually own this now

At the end of the walk around, Helen tells me to pick a set to take home with me. #jawdrop

My gut reaction to is to choose the heart throb set at the top of the escalator but then I think, hold on, you live in a tiny space, don’t pick the one with the busiest pattern.

I’m equally in love with the fern set. There are ferns all over the forest next to my house and dotted around my garden so this is perfect. The white will keep my bedroom space open and airy, and the green stripes add dimension. Here’s my unboxing vid…

Arnotts also gave Mary and I a gorgeous Foxford scarf. Thank you!!

See the full collection plus prices here

I put all the photos and prices in this article: Foxford SS18

Which set is your fav?

Mary and I, happy as larry

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