So I’m about to radically change my dwelling!


I’m moving into a mobile home

Confined by my landlord’s boring decor restrictions (MUST ONLY PAINT IN MAGNOLIA), I’ve longed for a home that is truly my own. With rent prices rising dramatically, it’s impossible to save for a mortgage deposit. So a family member said to fiancé and I that we should put a mobile home in their garden and save for a house deposit.

At first I was like no. Hell no.

Let’s be honest, the term ‘mobile home’ conjures up certain images…

1. Did you bring the travel scrabble Doughal?
Do you remember that scene from Father Ted with Graham Norton doing Riverdance in the caravan?


2. Irish coastal holiday parks

3. Trailer trash

BUT, then I started to really actually think about it.

I took a look at the site where it could be placed and realised I’d have a large, private section of the garden, with trees. Lots of trees.

I realised that moving to a mobile home means replacing the decorative confines of rented bricks and mortar with the unlimited creative freedom of having my very own dwelling. Just because it’s ‘mobile’ doesn’t mean it has to be abandoned by style and design. For the first time in my life, I could live in a place of my own and decorate it whatever the hell way I please.

And it’s temporary. If we stay in it for 2-3 years, we’ll have enough money to put towards our wedding and get a mortgage to build the log house we’ve always dreamed of.

But all financial considerations aside, I said to fiancé that the only way this is going to work is if the homeware huntress gets to decorate this mobile home in a fashion worthy of an interiors magazine, or a blog as it so happens. This doesn’t have to mean expensive, it just has to mean beautiful.

So, after much research, shopping around and familiarising myself with terms like ‘chassis’, I’ve bought a mobile home! See the renovation works as they unfold.

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