My mobile home renovations have kicked off!


Goodbye furniture

Our mobile home renovations kicked off today! Starting with the master bedroom, I took enormous pleasure in stripping out the furniture.


Hello roadblock

The thing with mobile home furniture is that it’s designed not to move when the structure is in transit. In other words, the furniture is designed to NEVER come out.


Do you see the foam headboard stuck to the wall in the photo above? (We ripped the original pink fabric off to see what was underneath). This headboard is attached to the wall from the other side, using heavy duty nails and staples. We can’t access the other side of the interior walls because the exterior of the mobile is constructed around it, so getting pieces of furniture like this out will be a challenge!

Goodbye carpet

Next, we ripped up the carpet. Goodbye forever, musty pink carpet.


Hello primer

Then it was time to paint.

Except it wasn’t. Because it’s not that simple in a mobile home.


Mobile home walls are made from thin, hardboard panels that are joined together with strips called batten strips – see them in the photo below.


The hardboard panels are wallpapered during manufacture and covered with a transparent vinyl coating. If you apply paint directly onto the vinyl coating, the paint could peel. How do you get around this?

Enter primer.

People usually use primer if they want to paint a light colour onto a dark wall, or cover a stained wall (e.g. after mould damage). They apply the primer first and then the paint on top. But primer can also be used for mobile home walls!

Every single thing I’ve read about painting mobile home walls says to use Zinsser primer.


At €80 for 5 litres, this stuff costs a solid fortune, but it’s worth it because it makes regular paint stick to those vinyl walls. It will also cover up the seriously dodgy flower pattern that is going on in the kitchen. Oh, and you can use it to prime batten strips!


After I cleaned down the walls with mild, soapy water, I applied the first coat of primer. It was an absolute pleasure to roll that first track of white down the wall. Here’s a quick clip.

Dig my painting pyjama pants in that video.

I did find this at one stage.


And then I found the culprit.


Now we need to figure out how to get this stubbornly-attached furniture off the walls!


For those of you thinking about following in our footsteps, a fully-detailed blog post on how to prep, prime and paint mobile home walls is coming soon.

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