A Woodland Hideaway in County Cork


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take a peek inside this beautiful, rustic family home in Cork. Nested in a forest, surrounded by trees on all sides, this house is privately tucked away from the world.

The driveway meanders through the woods before curling around in to an open area where you can catch your first glimpse of the house.



I love the arched double-door front entrance with its wrought iron hinges and handles – it’s like something out of a fairy tale.


As is customary in most Irish countryside homes, we entered through the back door.

Daffodils at the back of the house


Inside, you can see that the interior walls are constructed with either brick or a mixture of larch and birch soft wood. The exposed beams and hardwood floors give the house a natural, rustic feel. Texture is added with patterned fabrics and baskets hanging from the ceiling.



The baskets don’t just add texture – they’re also a unique way to save space and store toxic cleaning products away from tiny hands.


IMG_0745Copper-bottomed pots also hang from the ceiling to save space and add character.


Everywhere you look there are simple and tasteful storage solutions.IMG_0758

IMG_0748‘Simplicity’ is something the owners tried to focus on. This is reflected in the kitchen cupboards which are simple, yet very cleverly designed. Instead of mainstream fitted kitchen units, the owners used brick walls and handmade wooden doors to design their own units.


Large, thick beams with rounded edges serve as counter tops.


A seat has been carved in to one of the kitchen counters so that you can sit next to the heat of the range.


The range heats the entire house including the water. The owners fuel it by felling the trees on their land.IMG_0786


Despite the single glazing, the house is really cosy – a testament to the power of the range and the insulative ability of wooden walls.


A lot of the furniture has been hand picked from auctions, antique merchants or vintage stores. Each item has its own personality and story to tell, such as the seating in their dining area which are actually pews from a church, or this wardrobe (used for storing coats) decorated with hand carvings.IMG_0771


There is a great sense of space and light in the master bedroom due to the high ceilings and plenty of windows.

IMG_0722 IMG_0721 IMG_0717

Less is more in this no-clutter office.

IMG_0741 IMG_0739 IMG_0737 IMG_0735 IMG_0730 IMG_0728

Outside there is a shed for cutting and storing wood. There is also a separate building that houses a laundry room and a tool shed.

Building that houses a tool shed and a laundry room


As we make our way back down the drive, we pass this little stone bridge that allows you to cross the stream that runs through the property. This place is picturesque, private and peaceful – everything you could want in a home.


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