Cocktails and cakes at the launch of KitchenAid Mini


This week I was invited to the launch of KitchenAid’s new mini stand mixer.

Here’s how the night goes down…

The night kicks off with delicious cocktails and canapés in the swanky surrounds of The Design Yard in Dublin city. The Design Yard is a showroom for bespoke kitchens, some of which come with a price tag of €300,000!

KitchenAid have flown in Sean, one of their top demonstrators, from the UK to show us what this mini but mighty little machine can do. Sean is some kind of stand mixer guru, he has everyone in the room hanging on his every word. He knows every inch of this little appliance, and passionately imparts his knowledge of its motor, wattage, bowl capacity, attachments, speed settings and other things on to a very captive audience. If you’d never baked in your life, you’d walk out of this demonstration wanting to bake immediately.




After the demo, I take a close-up look at the KitchenAid Mini. I’m impressed by how small it is considering that it packs a powerful punch. It would be perfect for apartment or tiny house living.

It comes in four colours: matte black, matte grey, honeydew (pale green), and hot sauce (bright red). I’m all about the matte black!


I pick it up to feel it’s weight and I’m surprised by how light it is. You could easily store it away in a cupboard and it wouldn’t be a big task to lift it in and out. Having said that, if you had one, wouldn’t you rather give it pride of place on your countertop?

I get chatting to some other bloggers, some buyers and some PR associates for both KitchenAid and Harvey Norman (the Mini is exclusive to Harvey Norman). There I am standing in front of a spread of mouthwatering baked goods. Everyone is chatting and tucking in when…



…I notice this untouched plate of meringues and I need to try them. I mean just look at them.



I bite into the meringue and it explodes all over the floor.

Sugar everywhere.

I can’t even blame this on the cocktails because with all the mingling, photo-taking, groping of stand mixers, and drooling at cakes, I didn’t get a chance to finish drinking mine.

Even though it tastes amazing, I reluctantly, but quickly, put it down for fear that I’ll cause another detonation.

Sean comes over to me looking embarrassed and says, ‘The meringues were just for display‘. The word ‘facepalm’ slides in to my mind in massive font.

I only whipped those up in a few minutes for the display, I didn’t think anyone would eat them. They usually taste better than that.’ Sean says.

Okay so he’s not embarrassed that I ate his display, he’s embarrassed incase his display didn’t taste good. ‘It was delicious!‘ I tell him. Then I’m wondering, if this is how good something he whips up in a few minutes tastes, then what do his usual meringues taste like? They must be to die for.


I continue mingling and chatting. Everyone is so nice and interesting.

Then it’s time to go, so I make my way towards the door and the PR associate hands me a Harvey Norman bag. I’m so excited to find out what’s inside!


When I get home, I open my Harvey Norman bag to find some amazing gifts inside – a KitchenAid hand whisk, peeler, can opener, mixing spatula and ice cream scoop. There’s also a black, KitchenAid apron. I’m feeling very spoiled!

The KitchenAid mini is exclusively available in store and online at Harvey Norman for €549. If you’re thinking about buying one, here are 8 things you need to know about the KitchenAid Mini.

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