Review of Julie Clarke candles

Verdict: The Homeware Huntress approves!

I first met candlemaker Julie Clarke at an Irish trade show. At an event filled with candlemakers, Julie’s stand caught my eye because the packaging is so beautiful.

Here I am chatting with her at the trade show.

A few weeks ago Julie sent me this parcel of her products to try out.
Longevity: 10/10

The 250g candle burns for FIFTY hours!! The 150g one burns for 30! That is a very long burning time for a candle.

Packaging: 10/10

Pros: The beautiful packaging is what initially drew me to these candles. If I was in a shop they would certainly catch my eye.
Cons: My only complaint is that I want to see more! It would be great if there was a new signature candle every year. That would make me want to keep collecting them because I’d be so curious to see the new scent, the new packaging and the new vessel.

Tunnelling: 10/10

There is zero tunnelling! Hallelujah!

Tunnelling is when a hole burns down in the centre of the candle and leaves wax stuck to the sides of the vessel. Julie uses natural soy wax, derived from the vegetable soy bean, blended with other natural waxes like Canola (derived from rapeseed), coconut, and beeswax. That’s why the wax burns evenly, unlike paraffin wax.

The natural waxes come from biodegradable, renewable source and burn with no petrol-carbon soot.

Here’s what it looks like when the wax is hot – you can see that all the wax is burning evenly.

Here’s a photo of my Julie Clarke candle after it was completely burned out. I purposely took the photo when the vessel was still uncleaned so you can see exactly what it looks like, and, as you can see, there’s only the tiniest bit of wax at the end.

Here’s what it looked like when I cleaned it out – it took me less than a minute to clean it out.

Vessels: 10/10

I very rarely think a vessel (what the wax is actually contained in) is a ten out of ten but these vessels are exquisite. They are made out of fine porcelain and they have the same beautiful designs that’s on the outside packaging. Because the soy wax doesn’t tunnel or stick to the sides as it burns away, it’s really easy to reuse the vessels for storing trinkets.

This is the Blue Peacock Storage Jar candle. It comes with a lid so you can store things inside.

This is the Blue Floral Lantern candle. When the candle burns out, you can use it for tea lights.

Scents: 9/10

Pros: All of the scents remind me of a fragrant garden. There is something so organic and natural about them. My favourite one is White Roses & Gardenia.

Cons: The scents are stronger than so many brands that I’ve tried, which is really good, but, on the other hand, they’re not as strong as some other brands that I know.

Bonus points for being handmade in Ireland!

All Julie Clarke candles are handmade in the beautiful Kinvara in Co. Galway on the west coast of Ireland.

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Julie also sent me a diffuser, which I also loved and would recommend. There’s a knack to opening it, which you can see in this video:

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Personally, my biggest test is when I ask myself this question: ‘I received these as a gift, but would I buy them myself?’. The answer is a definite YES. Julie Clarke is now up there with my favourite candle brands.

Where can you buy Julie Clarke candles?

You can buy them from and they make particularly nice gifts because the packaging is so beautiful 😍

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