10 things I LOVED at the HomeSense store preview last night

Last night I went to the preview of Ireland’s newest interiors store,  HomeSense.

That photo sums up how I felt for the whole event – a mixture surprise (at the huge volume of stock they have) and excitement (at how amazing all the items are).

That photo is also an admission that I spent some time going around the shop taking ridiculous selfies.


Anyway, here’s what I got excited about…

1. The beautiful displays…

The first thing that struck me was all the beautiful displays.

2. The cushion aisles, yes AISLES

Using my built-in cushion radar, I quickly found myself in the cushion aisles, yes AISLES. They don’t just have a shelf of cushions, they have AISLES and AISLES of cushions. *wipes tears*

Outdoor bench cushions

Interiors blogger in HomeSense

Pink cushion with flamingos

Yellow cushion with grey zebras

3. This map cushion

I’m a total map nerd. My degree is in geography, and in my professional life as a content writer one of my clients is Ordnance Survey Ireland. So maps + homewares = excitement overload.

Map bench cushion from Home Sense Ireland

They also had globes. If  my little alternative dwelling didn’t have such limited space, I’d totally have a globe. But which colour?

4. All the metallics

I have a thing for metallics, and HomeSense has A LOT of metallics.

5. These tea towels

I’ve actually wanted these for ages. I saw them in TK Maxx (which is actually the sister company of HomeSense) before and was really impressed by the quality. HomeSense, like TK Maxx, sells branded goods at up to 60% off. €6.99 for two KitchenAid tea towels is a bargain. I bought two packets!

6. All the flamingos

I love flamingos so much that I once looked into the feasibility of having them as pets. I learned that they need to live in large flocks and have particular and awkward care requirements. So I won’t be filling my garden with real flamingos.

HomeSense have so many flamingo themed products that I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of them all!

7. The €50 gift voucher – thanks, HomeSense

When I walked into the store, I was greeted with an envelope. When I opened it, there was a €50 voucher inside – thank you so much, HomeSense!

I spent it on the KitchenAid tea towels, a sewing book (they have a really good book section), a toy for my dog (I love their pet section), lemon tea (a shout out to the staff member who helped me find it amongst the vast array of teas – thanks for your help, I never got your name) and non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider. I still have money left on the gift card for my next visit.

8. The friendly staff

The staff couldn’t do enough, they were so helpful. A special mention to Erin who served me at the till – she was super friendly.

HomeSense store Blanchardstown Dublin

9. The sheer size of the place

HomeSense Blanchardstown is spread out over two stories. Here are all the sections…

And this is just the upper floor…

Interiors blogger Jenna Crotty at HomeSense Ireland

10. All the things

I pretty much got excited about everything at HomeSense, because I’m an interiors nut, and a TK Maxx homeware fan, and this place is basically a giant version of the TK Maxx homeware section.


If you feel like you’ve been scrolling for a while now, just wait until you get to the store. I was there for two hours.

HomeSense is open TODAY!

Last night was the preview and today is the opening so now you can go get excited too. Enjoy!

I told you I took lots of selfies.

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