How to decorate a small space for Christmas

Millennial life may have many of us living in tiny spaces but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring Christmas into your home.

Here’s how to decorate a small space for Christmas…

1. Go miniature with the tree

My house is so small that I don’t have the floor space for a Christmas tree of any size, so instead, I picked up this miniature one for a tenner in TK Maxx and popped it into the corner above my dining booth.

Christmas tree €10 from TK Maxx  

I elevated it with some gift boxes and casually cast baubles of different sizes and textures around it. I was going for a shop window style, or a ‘Christmas-explosion-in-the-corner’ effect.

Tabletop Christmas tree in Ireland

16-inch tabletop Christmas tree €18 from Next

2. Put up festive wall hangings

One wall in my hall is filled with wall hangings, so I simply replaced some of them with Christmas signs – easy.

merry christmas sign for a small house

If you’re going to hang signs, make sure they’re that not too big because they’ll dwarf the wall – less is more!

  christmas wall hanging for small home

3. Hang string lights

You can get string lights in lots of Christmas shapes like stars, snowflakes and Christmas trees, but I love these geometric ones from Penneys. I keep them up all year round.

primark string lights for a small space

Go for battery-operated ones because you can hang them anywhere.

gold string lights for a small space

4. Get a garland

If you have a mantlepiece then slap a garland up on that thing and adorn it with all kinds of baubles, pine cones, plastic red berries, glitter spray, snow spray, or whatever you want. Just make sure, for the love of Santa, that you don’t do anything that’s going to cause a fire.

christmas garlands for small houses

Christmas garlands from House of Fraser

If you don’t have a mantelpiece, think above the kitchen presses, over the curtain pelmet, wrapped around the staircase banisters, over your bedroom headboard…there are loads of places to hang a garland.

5. Display a Christmassy centrepiece

Decorate your coffee and dining tables with Christmassy centrepieces. Here’s my Christmas coffee table centrepiece this year.

christmas centrepiece for coffee table

Red table mat from Dealz. Wooden bowl from TK Maxx. Scented pine cones from Next. Crystal candle holders from Galway Crystal.

6. Put festive ornaments on your book shelves

I replaced one or two of the ornaments on my book shelves with Christmas decorations, like this little happy snowman.

snowman christmas decoration for a tiny home

Snowman ornament – stolen from my mother’s house when I moved out

santa ornament for a small house

Santa ornament – gift from said mother whose house I stole the snowman from

7. Get Christmas cushions, obviously

Get a few Christmas cushions and a throw for an instant festive look. I don’t have my Christmas cushions yet (I’m open to suggestions!) but here are a few nice ones that I spotted in Dunnes the other day.

Nollaig Shona cushion €15 from Dunnes Stores

Christmas robin cushion €20 from Dunnes Stores

8. Decorate your chairs

I don’t have chairs in my current house because I have an awesome little dining booth, but here’s how I decorated my dining chairs two years ago when I was living in a rented house.

chair decoration for christmas

You can also drape ribbons or tinsel around chairs to give them a festive pop.

8. Choose a Christmas scent  

Using sented candles and diffusers is one of my favourite ways to bring Christmas into the room. Loads of brands have gorgeous limited edition winter scents. This little one below smells like a real Christmas tree.

Christmas tree scent candle

Winter pine candle from TK Maxx €4

10. Decorate your glazing and mirrors

When I was a kid, I was crazy for the snow spray – not so much now. But if you’re still a kid at heart, embrace it. 

11. Get a festive door mat

Christmas doormat

Merry Christmas doormat from Next

12. Make your gifts part of the decor

Take the time to wrap your gifts beautifully so that when they’re on display, they are part of the Christmas decor.

Last year I wrapped my gifts in a vintage parcel style using brown paper decorated with ribbons and stickers. I have a few ideas for this year’s theme so watch this space (Follow me on Facebook to get updates).

Keep your little house safe

If you’re going to deck your tiny halls, just make sure that everything you do is safe! So many fires happen every year because of Christmas decorations being too close to fires or candles. Plug the lights out at the wall before you go to bed and make sure you have home insurance! PLEASE, people – this stuff is important! 

christmas angel for a small house

how to decorate a small home for christmas

Show me how you decorated your home!

If you decorated a small space for Christmas, I’d love to see how you did it. Share pics with me on the Homeware Huntress Facebook page.

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