Hello there, nice new art store on Fade Street

Real quick, because this week is mad, and next week is nuts (I’m going to two exciting collection launches next week – keep an eye on social media!) but I wanted to write this to tell you that there’s a new art and lifestyle shop on Fade Street and it’s full of creative wonder.

It’s called Hen’s Teeth. Dunno why. Didn’t get time to email them to ask but I’ll ask them when I pop in. Why did you call your shop Hen’s Teeth? Tweet me! [Update: It comes from the saying ‘as rare as a hen’s teeth’ because they sell limited edition things!]

They curate limited edition prints by Irish and international artists.

They also have a carefully selected range of books, magazines and homeware goodies from the likes of Parra, Ro Collection and the Vintage Hub.

“Hen’s Teeth was born out of our love for music and contemporary art, and a lot of the work sits where those two places meet. It’s been a special thing getting to work with some of our favourite contemporary artists and homeware brands around the world, folks we’ve admired for a long time.” – Greg Spring, co-founder and curator at Hen’s Teeth.

They print in a variety of mediums and frame on site to deliver stunning, high quality art pieces that are ready to hang.

They also offer personal and corporate curation, making spaces memorable for all the right reasons.

International artists

Their international artists include Tim Saccenti, a collaborator of Run the Jewels, Depeche Mode and Pharrell Williams, former Boiler Room art director Mason, Forbes 30 under 30 illustrator Armando Veve, and Nike and Stella McCartney collaborator Kelly Anna London.

Irish artists

Their Irish artists include seminal hip hop portraitist B+ (Brian Cross), original Dazed Confused photographer Deirdre O’Callaghan, designer Niall Sweeney, former Charlie Brooker collaborator Lorcan Finnegan, Guardian, Pitchfork and MTV illustrator Laura Callaghan, as well as a broad ranging set of graphic designers, fine artists, photographers.

Go now

Visit them at their Dublin store on Fade Street, shop online at www.hensteethprints.comor be lovely and give them a follow:
Instagram: @HensTeethPrints
Twitter: @HensTeethPrints
Facebook: @HensTeethPrints

Okay I’m gone.

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