Harvey Bleedin’ Norman

Heart decoration from Harvey Norman

I remember watching a stand up comedian once exclaim that he wanted to “hunt down and kill Harvey Norman” because of how annoying their TV adverts are. His feedback must have reached their marketing department because they have since tried to tone down their adverts.

The once loud, aggressive, screaming Australian voiceover has now been replaced by a fast-talking, sales-orientated Australian voiceover. I mute my TV every time an advert comes on and I’ve sworn I’ll never set foot in there. However, Irish rain made me park in the underground carpark at Carrickmines Shopping Centre last weekend and the escalators lead right up, smack bang in to the middle of the Harvey Norman shop floor.

It turns out Harvey Norman is not just a shop full of beds and sofas – they have entire rooms set up in Ikea-like fashion and shelves filled with trinkets and accessories to browse through.

Blue and white bed display in Harvey Norman

Each room has a different theme with carefully thought-out furniture, accessories and linen to complement it.

Bedroom interiors from Harvey Norman

They have a lot of quirky, ununusal accessories such as these oddly-priced light bulb shaped candle holders (do you really need that extra €0.01 Harvey?) and this pencil clock.

Lightbulb candle holder

Pencil Clock

Even the items aimed at girly girls are a little bit quirky, such as these heart-shaped candles that look like they are made out of string.

Heart-shaped candle that looks like it's made out of string

A lot of their cushions have animal themes, which I love, but unfortunately none of them were the right colour for my living room.

Cushions from Harvey Norman

Grey and white calligraphy cushions

My favourite item was this door mat – some day when I have kids, I think I’ll need one of these.

Welcome to the mad house doormat

So…off-putting advertising dissuaded me from visiting ‘arvey Norman in the past. Am I glad I was tricked inside by clever architecture? I certainly am. Did I buy anything? Not this time, but I’ll definitely be back.

By Jenna Crotty

If you know about any other unexpectedly good homeware departments, let me know in the comments of this post.

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