Is this place a secret or does everyone know?

Eh, so why did no one tell me that this place is so damn beautiful?When I say ‘this place’, I mean this interiors store, this cafe next door to it, this restaurant down the street, this ice cream place across the road and basically this whole entire town and the breathtaking coastline that wraps around it. I mean Skerries.

It was late afternoon on a random Wednesday…

It was late afternoon on a random Wednesday in a West Dublin suburban semi D. I was standing in my childhood hometown hallway saying goodbyes. Peter and I had come to Dublin on business and because we were near my parents’ house, we decided to call into them to say hi before the hour-long journey home.

To our pleasant surprise, my cousin Matt, who we hadn’t seen in ages, was there when we called. We spent an hour or two catching up and drinking tea and then we started saying our goodbyes.

Then, Matt, who is a KING of last minute random plans (Once, a trip to innocently recycle coffee capsules in the Nespresso bar off Grafton Street somehow turned into an all-night cocktail bar crawl) made a suggestion, “You guys haven’t seen my new place in Skerries, why don’t you drive out to Skerries now and I’ll take you to dinner?”.

I always assumed it was just another boring Dublin suburb – I was wrong

40 minutes later, Matt, Peter, Mom, Dad and I are outside Matt’s new place. I’ve never been to Skerries before. I look right and I see the sea. I look left and I see farmlands. We head to the harbour and there’s this huge expanse of sea and sky with distant mountains on the horizon and multiple islands in view. This place is BEAUTIFUL.

Matt’s girlfriend Eileen joins us for dinner and we all nestle into this cool, wrap-around booth in a harbour-side restaurant called Blue Bar. We get delicious ice cream from what surely must be Ireland’s tiniest ice cream shop, called Storm in a Teacup. We enjoy an incredibly scenic walk around the headland, and we get coffee in a cafe called Goat in the Boat  with decor that was clearly chosen by someone who really gets design.

LOOK at the cafe. Look at the wrought iron chair legs, and the colour of the chair upholstery, and the copper countertop, and the metallic umbrella stand that looks like an umbrella. You need to go to the cafe to see the rest of it – it’s really my kind of decor.   

And that’s when I find it…

Then I see it. The Goat in the Boat has an INTERIORS store, just through this passageway… but it’s closed. 😭

It’s blocked off by a SALE sign. 😩 I stare in longingly, wanting to explore.

So I say to the staff behind the counter, “Hey I’m an interiors blogger. I’m in Skerries for the day and I’ve never been here before. Is there any way I can see inside your interiors store?” So the girl makes a phone call and says “No problem, I can take you inside.” Thank you, cafe staff and thank you, whoever was at the other end of that phone.

Take a look inside The Goat in the Boat interiors store…

I’m led through to the interiors store and everything is so nice so I take a load of photos. You can see them all here: The Goat in the Boat interiors store

So now I love Skerries

So now that I know that Skerries is amazing, I want to go back. You should go too.

Photo cred: Photos in this article were taken by various family members, probably sent to me in a Whatsapp group or something like that, and then stolen by me for this post. 

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