Homeware favs: An Irish interiors fan shares her top 5

I’ve always been interested in the objects in people’s homes that give them ‘the feels’. Marie Kondo has brought this concept to a wider world by talking about the objects that ‘spark joy’.

When I interviewed Aisling, the creator of Saimhin So—one of my favourite interiors Instagram accounts— she mentioned “the thrill of the chase—finding that one piece that’s so unique.”

I think all homeware fans have experienced the ‘thrill of the chase’.

I asked Aisling about the homewares she’s chased down that make her happiest. Here’s what she said…

1. My long-awaited Persian rug

“My absolute highlight of lockdown was finding a second hand rug on Adverts.ie. We knocked a wall between our kitchen and our living room to open up the space and then we ran parquet floor throughout. That opened up the space but then I realised it was a bit too open so I looked online to get a rug.”

Wine coloured persian style rug

“I’ve been looking for a Persian rug for years. I knew exactly what I wanted but I could never find it. I’d never even used Adverts before and I came across this rug. I couldn’t believe my luck because it’s perfect—it’s exactly what I’d wanted—the right size, the right colours, everything. It was like winning the lotto.”

Black fireplace with house plants in a variety of pots
Grey chairs and wine rug

2. Our mustard sofa

“I love finding an old piece. We got a mustard couch on sale locally and it transformed the room. Because the room is dark wine, the mustard just popped. It just worked with the dark colour. Now the only thing about that is kids and mustard don’t go too well together!”

Mustard sofa with green cushions and house plants
Mustard sofa with wine and mustard cushions
Mustard sofa with green cushions and black and white throw
Mustard sofa against wine wall and wine door

3. The old school desk

“I really love the old school desk in my son’s bedroom.”

Old school desk in bedroom
Chalk wall and old school bench in kid's room

4. The old piano

“And there’s the piano; we picked it up a few years ago on Done Deal. It’s an old piece and I love it.”

Dark wood piano against wine wall

5. The war masks from Guatemala

“Also, I travelled across central America years ago with a friend of mine and I brought home these war masks from Guatemala and I love them because they tell a tale.”

Photos, masks and other home accessories in living room of Saimhin So

Take a look inside Aisling’s home

‘Anything is possible’; ‘don’t be afraid to try things’; and ‘be brave’: these are the themes that weave through Aisling’s approach to interior design. Take a look inside Aisling’s home here.

Which of your homewares make you happiest?

Let me know in the comments below.

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