8 things people would do differently if building their house again

“If you had a chance to build a house, what would your must haves be? If you already have, what lessons learned? Any other advice?”

That’s what someone asked this week on Facebook page, Make a House a Home, and the answers were so interesting.Here are the most common answers…

1. A bigger utility room

This is the number one piece of advice coming from this thread. Some said make your utility room even bigger than your kitchen. I think people want bigger utility rooms because they want to be able to put clothes horses out of the way. Another tip was to make sure you have a tall cupboard in your utility room for the mop, sweeping brush and hoover.

2. More sockets than you think you’ll need

This was probably the second most common answer on the thread. I had this same problem when I moved into my home and I had to get an electrician in to install extra sockets in the bedroom and the kitchen.

3. More storage

As someone who lives in a small house, I actually disagree with this one and say you don’t need more storage. You don’t need more space, you need less stuff. Do more clear outs and stop accumulating possessions.

4. A laundry chute

I can’t decide if this is something I’d use or not. A laundry chute is basically a hole (usually enclosed in a cupboard in the bathroom or on the landing) that lets you throw laundry into it upstairs so that it lands in a basket next to your washing machine downstairs. It prevents you from having to carry the laundry downstairs. You do have to carry it back up though.

5. Built in shelves in the bathroom

This wasn’t a common answer, but I once rented a house in Cork city that had lots of built in shelves in the bathroom beside the sink and inside the shower. It meant that I had loads of space for products and my sink and shower tray never got cluttered up with bottles. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury at the moment, but I’ll definitely do it when I build my forever house.

6. Outdoor tap and sockets

I learned the hard way why these things are important. Get your outdoor taps and sockets installed from day 1.

7. Scale it back

The only way I’ll ever have a big house is if I get rich enough to hire cleaning staff, because there’s no way I’d want to heat or clean a tonne of rooms. It’s hard enough to keep a mobile home clean despite hoovering twice a week!

8. More patience

Finally, the most important thing you need when building a house is…

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