Art is my new hobby and you can do it too

I recently got into art and it’s so fulfilling because it’s the complete opposite to my screen-staring job.

How I got into art

I never thought I’d be able to get into art because I didn’t know what art supplies to buy or where to even buy them.

Then I ended up being invited to an event hosted by an art supplier called Reeves and they gave me this gift bag full of sets aimed at beginners.

You can get into art too

Reeves deliberately make art approachable for beginners with these starter sets.

What kind of paint should you get?

Honestly I had no clue what terms like acrylics and soft pastels meant until I started experimenting with the different paints.

Take a gamble and pick a random set (that’s what I’d do) or, if you have a favourite style of art, find out what paints are generally used to create it and buy those.

I started with watercolours

I started with the watercolour set because I would LOVE to be able to get good enough so that I can paint the art for my own wedding invitations.

Can I paint my own wedding invitations?

My wedding invitations are due to go out within the next 8 weeks so I need to get polished asap!

As you can see from my second attempt at art, I still have more practice to do to get a polished look worthy of a wedding invitation.

Watch ‘how to’ tutorials

I’m using this tutorial to teach myself how to paint a wreath.

And I want to try this tutorial at some stage because I’m obsessed with flamingos.

Reeves have tutorials too

Reeves have a YouTube channel with ‘how to’ guides. They just put up a really cute Christmas card one.

You don’t just have to paint paper!

At the Reeves event, they had little succulent pots that you could paint so I chose a really cool copper paint.

This little succulent now lives on my book shelf, next to another metallic copper pot from Penneys.

I like the contrast with one being matte and the other being shiny.

I got artistic at the Reeves event

So many product demos that I go to involve someone talking about the product but at the Reeves event, I got to actually sit down and paint with Reeves products.

Go get stuck in

Go, get some art supplies and start painting!

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