A forest in my bedroom

woodland wallpaper

I’m still undecided as to what direction to go in for my bedroom, but if wallpaper can by applied to my unconventional wall texture, I might flirt with one of these forest wallpapers from Murals Wallpaper. Take a look.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Green fern woodland scene


“The natural light of the forest creates a feature wall with real texture and definition, transforming dull walls into something incredible”

Autumn forest


“a bright orange, leafy forest with a pale blue sky peaking through the tree tops that will have you pining for the perfect Autumn day”

Lilac floor forest


“Follow the footpath through this stunning woodland scene and get lost in all the sumptuous colour that it offers”

Misty valley forest


“Heighten your sense with this moody and atmospheric scene”

White birch forest


“Superb silver-white tones of the birch contrast starkly with the yellow-green forest floor to create a mural with real definition, guaranteed to transform dull walls into something incredible”

Yellow forest floor


“The contrast in colour is absolutely stunning between the silvery-white of the tree barks and the golden tones of the forest floor”

Woodland frost


“The mix of blues and whites are crisp and fresh, and the asymmetrical perspective adds depth to your walls”

Silver birch forest


“Stunning silvery-white hues breathe a certain stillness into this woodland scene as well as adding real depth and texture”

Misty orange forest floor


“stunning contrast in tone and colour between the deep coppers of the forest floor and the rising mist”

Winter frost forest


“A stunningly fresh, clean design that captures all the still beauty that the winter months bring”

Green light forest


“Stunning green tones combine with the bright light of the sunshine to create a beautifully atmospheric wall mural”

Sunrise forest


“Beautiful natural tones of green and yellow”

Traditional tree


“Stunning green tones combine and contrast with the natural tones of the trees to create an image that appears almost 3D”

Breaking sun


“Stunning golden, yellow tones contrast beautifully with the deep green forest floor”

Dusk mist forest


“Depicting a dense woodland scene with thick, dark trees silhouetted against a stunningly bright backdrop creating a mural with bags of depth and mystery”

Forest dew


“Step into the clearing of this lush green forest that is alive with dew soaked leaves and moss-covered ground”

Golden forest pathway


“A truly beautiful design encompassing all the hazy mystery of this stunning woodland scene”

Grey mist forest


“Depicting a beautifully still woodland scene you could get lost easily in its charm for hours”

Latvian forest


“The deep greens and misty white background make this perfect for creating a calm natural environment”

Lined trees


“Beautiful bright sunlight cuts through the trees to create a jaw-dropping backdrop that will elevate your interior decor onto another level”

Misty clearing


“The sunlit path draws the eye into the distance creating a mesmerising image that will transform dull walls into a thing of real beauty”

Rising bamboo forest


“Depicts a dense jungle scene populated by towering bamboo trees creating a mural that is full of depth in tone and colour as well as detail”

Bright green canopy


“Beautiful light tones emphasise the vitality of the forest and will transform your dull walls into something stunning”

All wallpapers start at €31 per square metre. So which one is your favourite?

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