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Sweet inspiration for your sugar storage

Sweet inspiration for your sugar storage

Three different types of sugar storage containers

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The best sugar storage for my kitchen

After trying lots of different sizes and styles of sugar bowls, pots, tins, dispensers, and canisters, I’ve learned it’s best for my space when I have two types of sugar storage containers in my kitchen.

I keep some granulated sugar in a little glass jar in the cupboard over the kettle for everyday use and I refill it from a larger airtight sugar container that I keep in backstock. I use this larger sugar canister for baking and I also store caster, icing and muscovado sugar in large mason jars next to it.

Here’s some sugar storage inspiration for you

Because I’ve so much time rounding up sugar storage options, I figure I’d share my favourites with you. These are all available on Amazon. Read More