4 WTF things I saw for sale in IKEA

I was browsing through that giant blue warehouse off the Ballymun exit of the M50 yesterday with my aunt and came across a few items that just made me ask ‘Why?’.

Here are 4 WTF things I saw for sale in IKEA.

1. These fish cushions


Because no home is complete without a fish cushion.

2. This pink horse


At €10 how could you not buy this high gloss pine pink horse?

3. This crab fabric


You could make crab curtains, crab chair covers, crab cushions…the possibilities are endless.

4. This triangular moose doormat


Why a moose? Why a triangle? WHY?

If you’ve seen any WTF things for sale in IKEA? Please do share @JennaCrotty.

By Jenna Crotty.

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