7 ideas for decorating your window sill

window sill accessories

Any excuse for more home accessories right? If you need another reason to buy homewares, then take a look at your window sills. If they’re bare and boring, inject some personality into them with some window sill accessories. Here are seven ideas for your inspiration…

Thank you to Velux who sponsored me to write this article!

1. Colourful glass vessels

You can get glass vases and jars in lots of beautiful colours. They pick up the light and add texture to a room. As with all window sill accessories, position them in such a way that they look good from both inside and outside. You even pop a few single stems in them to brighten up the place.

glass jars in window sill

accessories in window sill

Glass jars image via pxhere

2. Plants

Head to the garden centre and ask for indoor plants that love sunshine. A mix of succulents always looks good and they don’t need much water. If you’re not green fingered, consider artificial plants. You could get a bunch of terracotta pots and paint them in different colours and designs.

window sill decoration

pots in window sill

3. Ornaments and scultpures

Does anyone else remember model ships in the windows of every 90s Irish house? If ships are not your thing, think ceramic figures, glasses filled with pebbles, or bowls of seashells.

plant pot in window sill

Did you know that some parts of Dublin are known for having a particular statue in every window? The white statue, called the the lady on the rock, is rumoured to be a sign that the house is either a brothel or selling drugs, but so many window sills in Dublin have this particular statue that it’s most likely just a fashion statement.

shells in window sill

4. Books

Books always look good in a window, though be warned that the sun will fade the covers.

books in window sill

5. Edibles

Window sills are the perfect spot for basil plants, sprouts and tomatoes.

grow plants in window sill

6. The Child of Prague

If superstition is your thing, the ‘Child of Prague’ statue is a religious symbol most commonly associated by Irish people with the notion that if you place the statue in the window you will invite good weather the following day. It’s often put in the window the night before a wedding to encourage a sunny wedding day. Bizarre, I know, but true.

The Child Of Prague - A Different Kettle Of Fish Altogether

Child of Prague image copyright of William Murphy

7. Roof windows

If you have roof windows like the ones from VELUX Roof Window Shop, then your sills will be at a slant. I don’t think VELUX windows need anything extra because to me they are a picture frame that frames the ever-changing sky, but if you really want to decorate your roof windows, then consider applying window decals or hanging crystals from them to catch the light (you can get mini suction cups with hooks on them on eBay!).

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