This new interiors store in Dublin has a personal meaning for me

West Elm Dublin cushions

For me, the opening of interiors store West Elm in Arnotts this week strikes a personal cord. It brings me right back to before I had a blog and before I had my own business.

Four years ago, I was sitting at a drab desk, working for the man, scrolling a Londoner’s blog article about West Elm’s arrival in London. As I read the write up about the opening of this NY-born store on Tottenham Court Road, I thought two things:

“I wish I had a blog so I too could write about brands like West Elm”

“I wish West Elm would open in Dublin so I could go to this store.”

west elm

Two years later, I had a brief, unexpected stopover in Dubai so I took an organised tour to see the fountain show in the Dubai Mall. On our way to the fountain show, we walked straight passed a West Elm store. I wanted to stop in my tracks, skip the fountain show and go into the store, but I had to stay with the group. After the fountain show we were swiftly ushered onto the next sight leaving me no time to peek inside West Elm.

A year after that, I was in London and I went out of my way to visit this interiors mecca. It did not disappoint.

west elm arnotts

West Elm has a distinct style, with elements of the organic and the handcrafted running through their furniture and home accessories collections.

west elm bed linen

West Elm also places a big emphasis on responsible retail practices, meaning that they are big into Fair Trade and minimising their environmental impact.

west elm arnotts home interiors

This week, West Elm opened its first store in Ireland, in Arnotts. Arnotts invited me to meet the West Elm reps that were flying in for the occasion. This brought it full circle for me, reminding me that having my own blog once seemed like a distant dream and now, because I have an interiors blog, I’m being invited to meet this brand that I admire so much.

Back then, while dreaming about having my own interiors blog, I also used to dream about working for myself. I thought working for myself as a writer was something that was just so unattainable that there was no point in even dreaming about it.

West Elm Dublin furniture

Now, four years later, not only do I work for myself, but I work for myself as a writer, and I’m so busy that I have to take on more writers. I’m so busy in fact, that I had to (very reluctantly) decline Arnotts’ offer to come meet the West Elm reps.

west elm arnotts homeware

I can’t believe it now, looking back, that these dreams once seemed so out of my reach and now they are right here, happening in the present.

west elm drinks

Arnotts tell me that the Dublin West Elm has more than seven lifestyle rooms expressing mid-century and New Modern aesthetics.

west elm arnotts interiors

I thanked Arnotts for the invite and said for the love of God please send me the product imagery so I can swoon over it and share it with my readers.

west elm stool

As soon as things calm down in work I’ll be straight in to Arnotts to experience West Elm Dublin.

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