Vintage glamour for your bedroom

The latest collection from Red Earth & Mindy Brownes features trend-driven and statement pieces in the form of vintage glamour and luxe velvet finishes.

These items ooze luxury and style. They’re for those who love the opulant and the lavish, and want to bring this into their boudoir.

Red Earth have three locations across Ireland: Beacon South Quarter in Sandyford, Mullingar Business Park, and Arnotts, Dublin.


Coral Clock €39.95

Hugo Large Clock €69.95


Isaac Clock €169.95

Garrison Small Clock €79.95

Rex Large Clock €89.95


Sara Clock €49.95

Banbridge Clock €139.95


Tina Table Round €149.95

Tina Table Sqaure €169.95

Willow Table Large €99.95

Willow Table Small €79.95


Alenya Chandelier €599.95

Jasperse Lamp €299.95

Aemilius Lamp €249.95

Lilas Lamp €239.95

Liro Lamp €299.95

Pioverna Lamp €249.95

Taratoare Lamp €299.95


Kelsey Armchair €499.95

Chaise Longue €749.95

Gina Chair €299.95

Sienna Armchair €599.95

Sonya Corner Chair €399.95

Taylor Armchair €499.95

Toby Chair €299.95

Yeats Armchair €599.95


Dawson 2 Drawer Table (Cocoa) €449.95

Dawson 2 Drawer Table (Graphite) €449.95

Dawson Chest of Drawers (Graphite) €1,349.95

More accessories…

Hanlin Rug €54.95

Elephant Bookends €129.95

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