Look what I bought in TK Maxx this week!

Homeware Huntress collected a commission from TK Maxx for doing this feature.

TK Maxx is one of my favourite shops and regularly steals hours of my life.

Don’t lie, this is also you

Usually when I go to TK Maxx, I emerge 3 days later with a heavily discounted designer sweater, a novelty cushion, yet another squeaky toy for her highness (my dog), some mad metallic ornament like a copper flamingo (why, tho?), and a packet of jelly beans. TK Maxx has everything I wasn’t looking for, but draws me in every time, giving me the feels for trinkets and objects that I nonsensically want and need in my life.

Here’s what I bought this time

These baskets are from TK Maxx’s Uganda range, and they have a cool story behind them.

They’re handmade by remote communities in Uganda using local materials and traditional weaving techniques. The income that the communities receive from the sale of just two baskets is enough to send one child to school for a whole term!

I never knew this about TK Maxx

This is all part of a sustainable trade initiative that TK Maxx have been running since 2011 to help families earn extra income to send their kids to school. Since they started the initiative, there has been a 40% increase in the number of children finishing primary school – that’s fairly impressive, TK Maxx!

TK Maxx have actually been working in Uganda since 2008 and to date have helped 10,000 children in 12 different communities go to school! Hands down, more retailers should be trading sustainably like this.

More of this please

Shopping sustainably means that the craftspeople get paid fairly and, in this case, you directly influence a child’s ability to go to school. I was surprised to see that these baskets are the same price as other baskets (they’re mostly between €3.99 and €16.99). For some reason I thought shopping sustainably would be more expensive but it’s not.

Very on trend

The collection has been updated for autumn to include bursts of warm orange and red…

…they’ve also introduced some calming monochromes…

and they come in various other colours, shapes and patterns too…

Which one is your favourite?

When you go in store and hold the baskets in your hand, you realise how beautifully made they are. I saw lots of different styles when I visited TK Maxx.

Skates on, people

These are not some mass-produced high street product, they are authentic artisan crafts. This means that stocks are limited. Get to TK Maxx quickly before they’re all whipped up.

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