Wow, hello new interiors find

I was  summering around Skerries recently (‘summering’ is a verb that I thought I invented myself but it turns out that it’s already in the urban dictionary) and I discovered that it’s a wonderful little place. Seriously, if you haven’t been, you need to go.

While I was there, I stumbled upon a new interiors store called  The Goat in the Boat.

They got their bizarre brand name from a legend involving St. Patrick, a goat, a boat and a nearby island.

They’re self described as being ‘an emporium of objects d’arts and interior design furniture‘, which is a pretty accurate description. They’ve also got a cool little cafe next door.

A treasure trove

When I was walking around this store, I felt like I was in a house with lots of cool objects. Look at how their displays lure you in and make you want to root around and pick everything up in your hand.

I want this wine bar

I would love if I could fit this wine bar into  my alternative little dwelling! Definitely one to keep in mind for the forever house.

Expertly curated

Everywhere you look you see something unique. I could spend hours in a place like this.

A nod to the sea

I loved this shelf of nautical themed accessories. I have serious #cushionlove for the anchors.

I love this sea glass art

I spotted these on the wall and thought they were absolutely gorgeous. They’re by a local artist called Michelle Owen who makes them out of sea glass and stones that she finds on the beach.

I wouldn’t just say go in here if you’re passing, I’d actually say go out of your way to go to this shop.

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