The 5 Acres in North Wexford

Plot shape

After a fruitless few months of scanning property websites for the dream house in the countryside, we’ve started flirting with the idea of building it ourselves.

Today we went to view our first site for sale. The site is 5 acres and it’s located outside Gorey in north Co. Wexford, Ireland. The screenshot from above shows you the shape of the plot (outlined in pink).

The length of the site

Length of the site

The site is really long with a lot of road frontage. As we drove along the length of the site I took this video. The site is on the right.

The width of the site

width of 5 acre site

To give you an idea of how far back the site goes, first have a look at this photo for scale. Peter is 6ft 1″ so these bales are pretty big…

Man standing next to bails in a field

…Now look at this photo. I stood at one corner and he stood at the other. The fact that he’s a tiny red blob in this image shows that the site goes quite far back.

back of site

The view

The view from the road…

The view from the back of the site…

So what did we think?

It would have been perfect only for a few things:

1. It’s too sloped. It might work for a split level house but the groundwork prep for that would be very costly.

site is too sloped

2. It has a view of a network of pylons which are located on a nearby hill. There’s conflicting evidence regarding whether or not living close to a pylon can damage your health but I’d rather not take my chances.


So these five acres are not meant for us. The search continues.

Now that we’ve started looking at sites, I’ve started doing research in to what you need to consider when viewing a site for sale. I’ll put my findings together for another blog post, but in the meantime, if you’ve any tips please get in touch and share them with me and I can include them in the post.


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