I’ll take them all please – Lustful textures for spring

vases and pots from home lust

The appropriately-named, home interiors retailer, Home | Lust, is fast becoming one of my favourite brands.

Home | Lust’s spring collection has a mix of vases and pots for displaying your spring blooms. Textures range from stoneware, porcelain, concrete, glass and metallics.

My favourite shapes are the ones made with moulded porcelain and hammered metal, but they also have plenty to satisfy those chasing one of 2016’s biggest interiors trends: geometric shapes.

Lust over these…

Hammered brass vase – €10

hammered brass vase

Also available in silver. Available from Home | Lust

Gold geometric planter – €20

gold geometric planter

Made from lightweight zinc. Also available in black from Home | Lust.

White geometric vase – €15

white geometric vase from home lust

Made with glazed white ceramic. Available from Home | Lust.

Glass demijohns – €18 each

glass demijohns from home lust

Available from Home | Lust

Copper and black vases – €12-€15

copper and black vases

Made with copper and stoneware. Available from Home | Lust

White geometric porcelain vase – €10

geometric white porcelain vase

Black geometric vases (set of 2) – €20

black geometric vase

Available from Home | Lust

 Ceramic pot – €15

ceramic pot

Available from Home | Lust.

Concrete planter – €18

concrete planter

Available with a range of patterns from Home | Lust.

Copper planter – €30

copper planter

Available from Home | Lust

 Silver glass vases (set of 3) – €15

silver glass vases

Available from Home | Lust.

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