Tips for choosing the right roof window

Roof Window

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If you’re building your own home, or perhaps just renovating and want to install a skylight, also known as a roof window, you may feel overwhelmed with the different options to consider. Here are some simple tips to help you choose…

Fixed or opening roof window?

In most cases you are going to want an opening roof window for ventilation. However, if you prefer to simply bring in a lot of daylight without any extra ventilation, then a fixed roof window may be enough, maximising daylight while minimising framework.

roof window

Are you trying to be more energy-efficient?

Everyone is all about energy efficiency now, especially in their homes. Usually you can get extra energy efficiency by installing a triple-glazed window over a double-glazed one, however the double-glazed windows such as the ones from The Roof Window Store are actually energy efficient enough, and they allow more natural light to enter the room.

Do you want the lowest maintenance possible?

If you don’t want to spend lots of time cleaning windows, then you may be interested in a roof window with self-cleaning glass. The double-glazed, self-cleaning glass absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun, causing any dirt on the surface to break down, while making sure that any rain on the window spreads evenly, therefore collecting less dirt.

Any special features?

You can go the extra mile and get a roof window with extras such as a child lock feature, an electric window that can be controlled remotely, or even a weather sensor that automatically closes the window when it rains or during strong winds.

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