All about the ranch look, with a rustic feel

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After seeing Harvey Norman’s Autumn/Winter collection described as being “all about the ranch look, with a rustic feel, plenty of checks and even a few skulls”, I’ve been terribly excited to have a gawk.

In an interview posted on the Harvey Norman blog, Rachel Mc Cann, Harvey Norman’s chief designer, describes the tone and feel of the new collection.

“The looks we’re after are…really soft and cosy and comfy.”

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According to Rachel one of the Autumn/Winter trends to watch out for is “a huge amount of check – it’s a particularly vintage style check, it’s not too bright – with nice muted tones.”

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We can also expect lots of colour: “We’re seeing a lot of classic colours coming back like your racing car greens, mustard and burgundys.”

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See the interview here.

The new catalogue is out today so I can’t wait to pick it up.

By Jenna Crotty.

Images copyright of Harvey Norman.

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