4 quick tips to prepare your home for guests

Thank you, Julian Charles, for commissioning me to write this article.

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the time of year when you might find your house is always full of guests. You might see friends you haven’t seen in months, invite family over, or even get a knock on the door from a few unannounced visitors. Here are four quick tips to up your hosting game and get your place guest ready.

1. Get the guest room ready to go

Make the guest bedroom feel like a home away from home. If you’ve been using it as a storage room, do a clear out and tidy away things to make this room feel like it’s purely for your guests.

After the clear out, do a deep clean from floor to ceiling – literally – don’t miss the dusty skirting boards and cobwebbed ceiling corners. Don’t forget the inside of the bedside lockers and chest of drawers – clear them out and clean them too.

Make sure you give your guests the five essentials:

  1. a lamp (overhead light is not enough, people)
  2. a mirror 
  3. a bin
  4. a socket or extension lead that lets you charge your phone next to the bed
  5. working light bulbs

2. Freshen up the linen situation

You can get gorgeous prints in luxurious bedding sets at Julian Charles – I’d go for cosy, brushed cotton in winter. They also have towels, which I recommend you add to the end of the bed along with some mini toiletries. To top it off place a sprig of lavender on top of the towels (so extra and SO good). Finally, if you can trust your guests not to set the place on fire, position some scented candles around the room. 

3. Stock up on snacks

It goes without saying that you need to be stocked up with extra breakfast, lunch and dinner ingredients, but don’t forget the snacks and put them on display so that guests feel like they can help themselves. I love leaving a beautiful, enticing fruit bowl display out. When I was a kid, my Mom used to put individually-wrapped sweets in a little crystal jar on the living room coffee table – it was so inviting. The easiest go to snacks for serving are: crisps and dips, nachos and melted cheese, and carrots sticks and dips. It’s also a good idea to have some party food in the freezer, such as mini quiches, or sausage rolls. They can be put in the oven, and will be ready in 10 minutes, ready to give out to your guests as a light snack.

4. This is an excuse to buy homewares

Your home is a place you should be proud of, so take this as an excuse to treat yourself to some new homeware, like candles, cushions, and rugs. If your curtains look a bit sad, you can pick up some ready made curtains at good prices and they really finish off a room. Take a look at the glassware situation – do you have enough wine glasses and tumblers for festive drinks? 

What do you do to get your house guest ready?

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