Paint for my new home!


I’m really excited to reveal the paint colours that I’ve chosen for the mobile!

I have snow blindness from having to double coat every wall and kitchen cabinet in primer, so it’s a joy to finally work with colour.

Choosing paint

I started my colour hunt by swinging by my local DIY store and picking up a copy of all the paint brochures.


I cut out all of the shades that I loved. I want bold colours in all rooms except for the kitchen/living area, where I want a soft white. You’d think choosing a white would be easy, but there are endless varieties.



Dulux Visualiser App

I discovered an app that allows you to look at your walls through your phone’s camera and picture what they will look like with different colours! It’s so addictive! It’s by Dulux and you can download it here: Dulux Visualiser.



Free tester cards!

One of the most fun parts of choosing colours was discovering Dulux’s tester cards. In places like Woodies, you can use tester pots to paint colours onto A4 cards and then bring those pages home.





I held up the tester cards in different lights and even up against the kitchen worktops. See a sneak peak of our new kitchen worktops in this photo!


Tester pots

Once I had rounded it down to a few colours that I liked, I bought a few tester pots. Guess where this vibrant green is going?!


The paint is here!

I chose to go with Dulux paints because I love their range of colours and the quality of their paints.

I’m over the moon to announce that Dulux decided to help me source all of my paint! They kindly mixed this amazing batch for me. Thank you Dulux!


So what’s inside the tins?


We’re going for a retro look in the kitchen so all the cabinets are being painted with Dulux Hepburn Blue. I love this colour – it reminds me of the great British Bake Off kitchens!



The kitchen walls are being painted Ivory White.


Living Room & Hall

We’re also painting the hall and living room in this soft Ivory White. I’m going to introduce colour with soft furnishings and accessories.


Walk-in wardrobe

The walk-in wardrobe is being painted with this rich teal.



Main Bathroom

Perhaps the most daring colour we’ve chosen is this Ivy Green for the bathroom! It’s really fresh and vibrant.


Master bedroom & Ensuite

The only two rooms I haven’t decided on colour for yet are the master bedroom and ensuite. I threw a quick lick of brilliant white onto the master bedroom walls just so that I’d have a blank canvas to work with. What colour should I paint them? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Stay tuned for photos of the painted walls!

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