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Take a look inside my new home!
My new home being delivered on a flatbed truck
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So I’m about to radically change my dwelling!

Take a look inside my new home!


In a yard full of mobile homes for sale, there was one that really caught our attention. Decoratively speaking, everything was awful. But interiors can be changed. We were looking for a good layout and a solid structure. This one ticked all the boxes. Read More

My new home being delivered on a flatbed truck

My new home has arrived! Here’s two hours of delivery condensed into 58 seconds.

The delivery guys were absolute pros.

Now that it’s physically here, the next step is to hook it up to gas, electricity, water, sewage and internet. Then we strip out the interiors, redecorate, and build a large deck out of the side. I can’t wait to rip out those net curtains!

I feel so lucky that my blog is expanding because every day another brand contacts me wanting to collaborate. A few days ago, an architectural designer, who had heard about the mobile project, got in touch with me and offered to draw up models for exterior cladding options! I can’t wait to see what he draws up.

Stay tuned for a peek inside the mobile!


So I’m about to radically change my dwelling!


Confined by my landlord’s boring decor restrictions (MUST ONLY PAINT IN MAGNOLIA), I’ve longed for a home that is truly my own. With rent prices rising dramatically, it’s impossible to save for a mortgage deposit. So a family member said to fiancé and I that we should put a mobile home in their garden and save for a house deposit. Read More