5 ways to decorate your outdoor space for Halloween


With October chills knocking at the door, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is around the corner. Right now is the time to be planning your costume, eyeing up which supermarkets have the best pumpkins, and decking out your home in the ghouliest of garb. I love Halloween because it’s an excuse to get creative. This year I’m all about the garden, so here are 5 ways to spook up your outdoor space.

1. Get serious about lighting

Candle-lit pumpkins are obligatory, but don’t stop there. Rig up some haunting green uplighting onto your trees and walls. Light some garden torches and install temporary fire pits. (Use fake candles or LED lights in the pumpkins if you want to play it safe).


Image source: Public Domain Pictures

2. Put some extra thought into your decorations

Make gravestones by cutting out styrofoam, spray painting them grey and writing ‘RIP’ on the front. Make a ghost by shaping wire into the frame of a hooded figure and then hanging a sheet over it. Put a battery-operated LED light inside it to light it up in the dark. Make a bubbling witches cauldron with a water pump and, if you want to go all out, hire a smoke machine to create a truly spooky atmosphere.


Image source: Google Images

3. Break out some potions

I came across some upcycled fake potion bottles in a HGTV list of DIY decorations and they really impressed me. Paint some used bottles with black paint and attach labels for fake potions and poisons. Scatter them around the garden, line them along your path, or hang them from your fence and trees.


Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn via HGTV

4. Pimp out your garden’s boundary

Hang spider webs, skeletons, bats and solar lanterns along your hedge or fence. By the way, if you don’t have a garden boundary, building a fence is actually quite an easy and strangely satisfying thing to do when you have the right tools. All you have to do is pick up some wood in your local DIY store, along with some cutting tools, sanding equipment, a hammer and some nails. If you want professional quality equipment, Screwfix have a great range of wood lathes and engraving kits. I recommend wood turning and engraving tools if you want to round out the top of the fence panels, or create ornate designs. Check out this tutorial on how to build a garden fence.


Image source: Wikipedia

5. Make an Autumn Wreath

Not just for the festive season, a wreath makes a great focal point on your front door. Go out foraging this weekend for some pliable twigs and colourful leaves. Use a coat hanger to make a round base and attach the twigs using fishing line or twine. Fix the leaves with glue or pins. You can also attach apples, ribbons or scary props. Country Living has some terrific examples for your inspiration.


Image source: Flickr

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