How to make mason jar candle holders

Inspired by the mason jar crafts craze on beloved Pinterest, I decided to start making mason jar candle holders. The DIY craftsy nut in me gets very excited about photographs like this:

Mason jar crafts inspiration from Pinterest

Images above found on Pinterest

A bit of burlap and a spool of string

I went to Inspiring Ideas and Hickeys to pick up some burlap, string, ribbonand a few other bits and pieces. I was so ridiculously excited about these materials that I dedicated a blog post to them (See it here: Getting over-excited about bits of string).

Materials for making mason jar crafts

Dead Easy to DIY

It’s so easy to make mason jar candle holders so there’s no need for a photo tutorial – just attach a base material (e.g. burlap) to a clean empty mason jar using PVA glue or strong, double sided sticky tape and then decorate with string and ribbon – simples. (Confused Irish readers: a mason jar is a jam jar to you and I).

The fruit of my labour

Here are my mason jar masterpieces…









This is what they look like in the dark.

Mason jar candle holders in the dark

Hanging them up

If you want you can attach pieces of wire to hang them up. I used this tutorial to learn how to attach the wire.


If you’ve been inspired to make mason jar crafts, share your creations with me on Twitter @JennaCrotty.



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