Look at my new floors!


This week we stripped out all of the carpet in the mobile home and laid down beautiful new wooden floors. Take a look…

Floorboard shopping

After shopping around, these were our favourite laminate boards so we said we’d pick one from these three.


They came it at €12.99 per pack. We needed 33 packs so the boards cost us around €430 in total.



To get the floors ready, first we ripped up that musty old pink carpet.

We discovered old lino under the carpet in some parts so we ripped that up too.


Floor underlay

We picked up some floor underlay locally for €45 per roll (each roll is 15m2 so we only needed two). It’s 5mm thick and helps to insulate the floor.

img_6740  img_6742

Fiancé and father-in-law got to work on laying the insulation layer first.

They stapled the underlay down with a carpet stapler.


Laying floorboards

Then the guys started laying the floor boards. We went with the lighter colour because it really opened up the space.

Floorboards were laid in the bedroom, hallway and living room.


The boards were such a refreshing change after the musty pink carpet that was in the mobile when we first bought it.



Floor boards done!

Once the floor boards were down, they completely transformed the space!



Next steps

To finish off the floors, we’re going to run a scotia (sort of a trim) around all the edges. The scotia cost us around €35. Then it’s onwards to choosing floors for the kitchen, bathrooms and walk-in wardrobe.

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