Study art. Live on a farm. Design interiors. #Lifegoals

I was recently made aware of the wonderful world of Izzi Rainey. She’s a cool person with a cool name with a cool job. Who is she?

Izzi is an artist and a designer. After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, she teamed up with her mate, Lara Mullis, to design and manufacture homeware and interior products. #livingthedream

coasters by izzy rainey

From her art studio on her family’s Norfolk farm, Izzi brings beautiful home accessories into the world, such as handmade cushions, coasters, oven gloves and napkins.

oven gloves by izzy rainey

When talking about what inspires her, Izzi uses words such as “the culmination of the unexpected colour found on the farm”, “the bold and textural shapes that have always surrounded me in the agricultural environment”, and “the changing seasons and farm activity”.

napkins by izzy rainey

She uses hand-based techniques to first create the prints on paper. The prints are then transformed to fabric using digital printing.

izzy rainey studio

It must be incredible to work in an environment so full of texture, colour and creativity.

izzy rainey cushions

After a snoop around her website, I’m in love with her brand and her story. Together with Lara, she’s building the company from scratch and sharing every step of the manufacturing journey on the company blog such as…

…time in the studio…


…sewing the fabrics…

…photographing the end product…

…and setting up an enticing stall at a local market…

Study art. Live on a farm. Design interiors. #Lifegoals

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