Floor underlay is an important part of adulting

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Peak adulting involves going around gigantic home improvement shops choosing bathroom fixtures and flatpack wardrobes. If you’re at this stage of your life, you need to take 2 minutes away from looking at the nice things, like shiny porcelain tiles and driftwood effect laminate floorboards, and learn something useful about the boring stuff that is actually really important. One such thing is floor underlay.

I once knew nothing of floor underlay, and definitely had zero fudges to give about it. Then I renovated a mobile home and suddenly realised that floor underlay is kind of important.

I now hereby impart four boring, yet important floor underlay lessons to you. Listen up.

Lesson 1: It does a few different things

Underlay is your friend because it protects and supports your floor, it can be used as an extra layer of insulation, and it can minimise noise from footsteps overhead.

Lesson 2: It does even more things

Floor underlay smooths over uneven foundation, it cushions the top layer against irregularities and acts as a subtle spring every time someone walks over it or moves furniture. See, it’s important.

Lesson 2: Not all underlays were created equal

Some are better than others and you generally get what you pay for. Once you lay your floor tiles or floorboards, they’ll be down for years, so don’t scrimp, and make sure you use a quality laminate underlay.

Lesson 4: There are different types of floor underlay

There are so many different types of underlay from foam to foil to fibreboard so take time and look into what works best for you. Some underlay works best with underfloor heating and others are best suited to timber floors. In a nutshell, you’ll need a different type of underlay depending on what type of floor you’re installing.

Here are a few examples…

  • Carpet underlay: This underlay is effectively a cushion between the hard subfloor (like concrete or stone) and the carpet. It evens out the surface of the subfloor and adds warmth, softness and depth to the carpet.
  • Laminate flooring underlay: Laminate flooring needs underlay that reduces the amount of bending and flexing that can happen when there’s movement on the floor. It’s also a great insulator so it’s worth spending a few extra quid to get the good stuff.
  • Engineered wooden flooring underlay: This underlay keeps engineered flooring stable and protects it from moisture damage and temperature changes, which is important to extend the lifespan of the boards.

That’s it, some quick and simple messages that should overall give you the impression that floor underlay is kind of a big deal.

Over and out.

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