Easy Ways to Introduce Colour into Your Home

– written by Anna Gillespie

Giving your home a facelift can be no easy feat. It can be daunting to change your ordinarily neutral home into a vibrant space. When it comes to adding colour, you might ask:

‘What if I don’t like it?’
‘What if it looks dated?’
‘What if it goes out of fashion?’

And it’s no surprise we may feel like that…we all remember the vivid, brash bath suites of the 90’s, don’t we?! But have no fear, as there are a number of risk-free ways to revamp your home and introduce colour without having to reach for the magnolia again!

The 60-30-10 Rule

A well-known interior design rule for colour schemes is to divide the room up into 60%, 30% and 10%. The 60% is the primary colour and is typically used for the walls. 30% is the secondary colour and is usually used for upholstery. The 10% is used for accent pieces such as furniture, flowers or flourishes.

If you’re a bit sceptical about introducing colour into your home, then introduce smaller items into the room slowly that make up the 10% to begin with. That way, you’ll gradually get used to having colour in the home without overdoing it.

If you’re feeling a little braver, then add colour into the 30%. Then, if you’re feeling REALLY brave, when it comes round to redecorating the room or walls, you can either create a feature wall with a splash of colour or use vibrant walls within redesign plan.

Add Accents

Following on with the 60-30-10 rule, accents are an ideal starting point for those ready to bring colour into a room. Add subtle pops of colour into an existing colour scheme by building up with accessories, for example, add a few cushions to your sofa, a new vase with a bright floral arrangement for a dining table or maybe even a new rug. These types of items are perfect because they are interchangeable; if you don’t like the look, simply replace them with something else easily!

Find an online colour wheel to help you decide which colours work best with the scheme you already have and then concentrate your efforts on finding accessories to go with complementary colours that way.


Make a Statement

Adding a single piece of statement furniture is a great way to add colour to your home. Start off small so introduce an item, for example, a bold footstool, such as one of these from Designer Sofas 4 U. Then, once you’re beginning to feel comfortable, try adding a Chesterfield chair or sofa to transform your living space.

For the keen DIY-ers and crafters out there, revamp an old piece of furniture in a colourful new fabric.


Go Wild with Wallpaper

When you’re finally ready to tackle that remaining 60%, create a single feature wall in the room. Wallpaper has really evolved in recent years and there are some super stylish options available.

Wallpapering also means that if you’re not happy or you grow bored of the colour after a few months, you can easily take it down in a weekend and re-wallpaper with something new. Painting a wall, of course, is an option but just be aware that it can be difficult to change once it’s on the wall, especially with darker hues and shades.

Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is perfect for commitment-phobes or renters – it’s as simple as peel and stick and there’s no mess when taking it down.

This is a sponsored post. About the author: Anna Gillespie is a journalist, a writer, a blogger, a marketing exec and everything in between. She writes freelance, mainly focusing on interiors, and writes for the leading online furniture store, Designer Sofas 4 U.

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