The Christmas forest floor – DIY decorations from nature

DIY Christmas decorations

2015 will be my first year hosting Christmas so naturally I’m obsessively scanning Christmas collections for the nicest tablewares and decorations. I’ve decided to theme my Christmas table (yes, a theme for a table – this is my life) and my theme is ‘Christmas forest floor’. What better way to conjure up such a theme than to physically bring the forest floor to the table. So here’s what I’ve done so far…

1. Foraged for supplies

I went to the forest to collect spruce cones, spruce branches, twigs and holly leaves. I picked up some metallic gold spray for €1.49 in Dealz and an extra large can of snow spray in Heatons for €5.

diy christmas decorations supplies

2. Prepped – so that I wouldn’t coat tiles, walls or fiancé in gold

I laid out the leaves, branches, twigs and cones on cardboard, opened the window and put on a dust mask.


spruce needles

3. Sprayed with Christmas joy

I shook the cans before using them and sprayed the materials at a distance of approximately 30cms. I left them to dry overnight.

gold holy leaves

gold DIY spray painted holy leaves

snowy holy

diy snowy spruce cones

snowy spruce needles

snowy twigs

4. Carefully stored festive creations

For now, my DIY Christmas decorations are safely stored away. I plan to scatter them on the table on Christmas day. They could also be used to make garlands with some nice jute twine or ribbon.

christmas forest floor decor

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