The ceramics of Dedal

Dedal Ceramics

I want to show you an interiors brand called Dedal. They make gorgeous colourful ceramics. Take a look…

Dedal are a Portuguese brand that source beautiful everyday objects from local designers and makers.

I want to drink coffee out of these

This product is called Copus. It ranges between €22 and €26 depending on the colour you choose.

coffee in Dedal ceramics

ceramics by Dedal

Dedal are all about supporting local and trading ethically.

“Our commitment is to preserve Portuguese manufacturing skills by supporting local businesses and empowering young design talents.” – Dedal

Which colour would you choose?

“Our mission is to offer a range of smart and meaningful products that promote original homes and fulfilled stakeholders.” – Dedal

This ceramic bowl is gas

It’s called Naso and starts at €12.50.

naso ceramic bowl with popcorn

Naso by Dedal

naso ceramic bowl on window sill

“Our vision is to be one of the most humane companies in the world, positively transforming the lives of everyone that comes into contact with our products.” – Dedal

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